How to Remove and Reinstall Sprinkler Heads


Sprinkler systems are a joy, as they take the guesswork out of watering the lawn, and provide ample coverage without your having to drag a hose along the yard on hot days. Unfortunately, sprinkler systems are easily damaged by lawnmowers, dirt, sand and other acts of God. Although damaging a sprinkler head is easy, so is the repair. Before replacing or repairing any sprinkler heads, have a look at the model to ensure that any replacement parts are the correct ones.

Step 1

Locate the damaged sprinkler head and note the model number. Write the number down and take it to your local hardware store to obtain a replacement.

Step 2

Determine whether the sprinkler head unscrews at the surface for easy replacement. If so, remove it and screw in a new head. If the head does not unscrew at the surface, you will have to dig.

Step 3

Insert your shovel into the dirt about a foot away from the sprinkler head, breaking the surface. Using the edge of the shovel, make a square cut around the sprinkler to loosen the sod. Lift the sod up gently to expose the sprinkler. Do not cut too deeply, as this may sever a water line. Use a hand trowel to remove any excess dirt from the sprinkler.

Step 4

Unscrew the sprinkler head once it is exposed, making sure to keep loose dirt from falling into the exposed connection. Replace the head and rebury.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Sprinkler head
  • Hand trowel


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