How to Replace a Toro Mower Blade


Toro lawn mowers, like all rotary lawn mowers, utilize a single blade that rapidly rotates to cut your grass. The blade has a sharpened edge on both ends, which shears through the grass. After numerous uses, the blade will slowly begin to dull. This can be exasperated if you frequently kick up sticks and stones with your lawn mower. To maintain the health of your grass, you must either sharpen or replace your Toro mower blade yearly--more often if you kick up sticks and stones. Replacing the blade is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Step 1

Allow the lawn mower to run out of gas. You need to tip the lawn mower on its side and a tank full of gas can spill all over the ground.

Step 2

Move the lawn mower to a smooth, hard surface and remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug. It should pull right off with gentle pressure.

Step 3

Lay the Toro lawn mower down on its side and examine the blade. It should have a single bolt in the middle where it is attached to the engine shaft.

Step 4

Slide your adjustable wrench over the bolt and grasp the blade with your gloved hand. Turn the bolt counterclockwise to loosen it. Unscrew it the rest of the way and set it aside along with any washers that come off.

Step 5

Remove the blade by gently pulling it off. Put the new blade into position and orient it the same way as the old blade.

Step 6

Put the washers into place and screw the bolt back in. Tighten with your adjustable wrench.

Step 7

Set the lawn mower back upright and push the spark plug wire back on the spark plug. Fill with gas and you are ready to mow your lawn.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear gloves when handling lawn mower blades. The edges are very sharp and will cause serious cuts to bare skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Lawn mower blade
  • Gloves


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