Common Nursery Plants

Nurseries can be daunting, showcasing rows and rows of indoor and outdoor plants, each with their own care requirements. Some plants are seen more commonly in nurseries than others, proving themselves tried and true for the gardens of their particular region. Gardeners seeking colorful ornamental blooms have an array of plants to choose from, many of which are quite hardy and can grow in a range of light and soil conditions.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) are frequently seen in nurseries and floral shops, beloved for their crisp, flashy flowers and broad, waxy green foliage. Though the color of calla lilies varies between species, the genus is characterized by a tubular spathe accented by a long yellow or orange spadix. Native to Southern Africa, calla lilies are hardy plants that thrive in sunlight. Indoor calla lilies should be kept in indirect or filtered sunlight, and indoor and outdoor calla lilies require moist soil.

Gerber Daisy

Originally from Madagascar, the gerber daisy (Gerbera) is one of the most commonly seen nursery plants, often making appearances in supermarkets and retail stores. Popular for its showy flowers, which can be bright orange, pink, yellow or red, gerber daisies often are cultivated as indoor plants. When kept indoors, gerber daisies prefer indirect or filtered sunlight and soil that is slightly moist at all times. Gardeners who grow gerber daisies outdoors have the luxury of their ability to attract birds and butterflies while still being resistant to deer.


Popular for their hardiness and ornamental blooms, marigolds (Tagetes patula) are common nursery plants. Marigolds produce brilliant flowers in a spectrum of colors ranging from yellow to rich oranges and reds. Generally pest free, marigolds are valued for their roots, which release a substance that kills harmful soil nematodes. Marigolds will tolerate a variety of soils, though they prefer well-drained soils, and prefer full sunlight

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