Directions to Make Wrist Corsages


Wearing a wrist corsage instead of a regular corsage eliminates the danger of ruining a dress with pins. It is also less obtrusive as a fashion design element, and it is less expensive than a larger corsage. Plus, bracelets never go out of style. Add the fact that wrist corsages are straightforward to make, and you'll be wearing one for all your special occasions.

Prepare the Flowers and Leaves

Step 1

Hydrate the flowers and leaves fully by setting the stems in a vase of water for 24 hours prior to making the corsage.

Step 2

Cut all the stems (flowers and leaves) to 2 inches.

Step 3

Wrap the stems with floral tape. This will allow you to bend and shape the stems as you form the corsage since the tape contains wire.

Make the Corsage

Step 1

Experiment with your corsage design by holding together different flower combinations. For instance, you may decide to use all or only some of the filler flowers.

Step 2

Tape the primary flowers together with the floral tape, if you are using more than one.

Step 3

Tape the filler flowers together with the primary flowers.

Step 4

Tape the leaves onto the corsage. You may decide to place leaves all around the primary flowers, on opposite sides, or asymmetrically on one side only.

Step 5

Add decorative elements, if desired, by taping them to the flower bundle. Experiment with ribbons, bows, glittering wire strands, seed pods, fruits, berries and even small trinkets.

Step 6

Attach the corsage bundle to the decorative wire or bracelet base by wrapping the taped stems of the entire bundle as one unit around the base. Leave your decorative wire or bracelet base open as you do this so you can wrap the corsage bundle sideways on the base. Your goal is to attach the corsage securely to the base so that it doesn't flop to the side.

Step 7

Attach elements of the corsage that are not wrapped (the undersides of lower flower petals and leaves) to the base using specially prepared floral glue.

Step 8

Wrap the decorative base with ribbon to protect the wearer's wrist from being scratched by the decorative wire.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 or 2 primary flowers
  • Smaller flowers or fillers
  • Leaves
  • Extra decorative elements (optional)
  • Vase
  • Flower clippers
  • Floral tape
  • Decorative wire or bracelet base
  • Floral glue
  • Ribbon


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