How to Prepare Soil for a Sod Farm


Sod is a piece of grass grown for application in a yard that requires grass patching. Many yard owners prefer laying sod to seeding as it gives an instant lawn and protects soil from weeds. Sod production requires the growing of a high-quality turf grass, which is harvested and sold to consumers. To ensure the best sod, land needs to be prepared so the best grass-growing conditions are maintained.

Step 1

Collect trash and debris from the area, including rocks and loose plants.

Step 2

Till the growth area to uproot plants and debris from the dirt and to remove weed roots. Consider the weed cover in the area before planting sod to prevent issues in the future.

Step 3

Determine the quality of the soil before planting the sod. The University of Kansas Cooperative Extension suggests a loamy-sandy soil with a thick topsoil for sod. Order extra topsoil if the area is covered with only 2 inches of topsoil or less.

Step 4

Level the land using a garden roller to get it as smooth as possible. Use a spirit level throughout the yard to check how smooth it is. Roll the garden roller over a smooth piece of board to aid the leveling.

Step 5

Test the pH of the soil to determine whether lime or phosphorous are required to level the pH of the soil. Purchase a pH test from a local garden center and follow the instructions for testing, or send your soil of to a university extension for testing.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiller
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Garden roller
  • Board


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