Care Tips for Hanging Plants

Bring your favorite plants closer to your eye level with hanging planters, which can help create a lush appearance when hung in your home, from an arbor or along your outdoor porch. Implement specific care strategies for your hanging plants to keep them well-fed, watered and looking their best for months of enjoyment.

Potting Soil

For the best results, the University of Maryland recommends filling your hanging planters with a well-draining medium that's high in organic matter. Use a commercial potting mix--the University of Kentucky suggests any soilless product--or combine equal parts of garden loam, perlite and compost or peat moss.


Due to the nature of a hanging pot's design, it's best to fertilize the soil before you plant the hanging pot instead of trying to fertilize it after it has been planted and hung, according to Purdue University. The university suggests using any slow-release 12-12-12 fertilizer, mixed in at the rate listed on its label, since potency varies by product. This provides the plants the nutrients they need to survive in the contained growing area.


Hang the pot in an area that receives the appropriate amount of sunlight for the plants in the pot. Most annuals thrive best in full sun. If you're unsure of the sunlight needs of your plants, consult the nursery or garden store that sold you the seedlings or seeds.


Just like with standard potted plants, hanging planters should be turned every couple of days so that a single side of the pot isn't consistently facing the sun. This helps keep your plants growing uniformly. If one side always faces the sun, the plants will grow in a slanted fashion and create a lopsided appearance.


Hanging planters are often exposed to more sunlight and air movement due to their suspended state. This may cause the potting medium to dry out faster than it would in a land-based pot, and definitely faster than soil around plants that are grown directly in the ground. Be prepared to water the pot frequently to keep the soil moist and prevent drought stress. Apply enough water so that moisture drips out of the hanging planter's bottom drainage holes.

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