How to Save a Damaged Peach Tree


Peach trees can benefit a garden with shade and produce a delicious harvest, but they also are at high risk for disease and insect infestation. It is ideal to notice the problem when it starts or before it overtakes the tree. Saving the damaged peach tree instead of calling a professional horticulturist will save money, but it also requires time and patience.

Step 1

Prune off the old fruit from the tree before the new growing season. Spray the tree with the brown rot fungicide such as benomyl every week at the beginning and during the rainy season. Follow the label instructions for dosage. Decrease the spraying to every two weeks until harvest time.

Step 2

Prune back any damaged, diseased and crowded branches to keep any disease from spreading.

Step 3

Check for any insect damage, such as holes in leaves or insect eggs. Spray with a fruit tree insecticide such as endosulfan.

Step 4

Check the peach tree for holes, which are signs of borers. Wiggle a long, skinny wire such as a coat hanger in the holes to kill the larvae. Fill the holes with plumber's putty.

Step 5

Check for peach leaf curl, which is an intermittent disease. Spray the tree with a peach leaf curl product that has high concentrations of sulfur and line. Follow the label instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Fungicide for brown rot
  • Insecticide labeled for fruit trees
  • Wire
  • Plumbers putty or floral clay
  • Spray bug killer


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