How to Use a Grass Trimmer


A grass trimmer is an essential gardening machine. It trims uneven or tall grass to give the lawn an overall even, manicured and well-groomed look. There are a wide variety of grass trimmers available in the market today, such as manual, electric and gas-powered ones, allowing gardeners to choose a trimmer according to their personal taste and allocated budget. Read owners manual thoroughly for proper safety techniques to prevent injury of any kind during use.

Step 1

Wear gloves and add the required amount of gas to your trimmer if it is a gas-powered one. Follow manufacturers directions regarding the appropriate type of fuel needed. Depending on the model and make, you may have to mix gas and oil so the machine works properly over the years.

Step 2

Inspect the machine for any loose nuts or screws, missing pieces or any damage (especially if it is rented from your local rental company). Also check the debris shield (usually situated near the head of the trimmer) for any damage, as it protects you from flying objects as you trim. Make sure the nylon string or reciprocating blades that spin to trim the grass are intact and not damaged.

Step 3

Wear protective eyeglasses prior to turning on the machine. It is also best to wear a full-sleeved shirt and long pants when using a grass trimmer in order to prevent injury from stones, small rocks or plant debris that may be hurled towards you.

Step 4

Stand at a corner of your lawn and position the trimmer 2 inches over the grass. Turn it on, and release the throttle trigger slowly so the trimmer head starts revolving at a quicker pace. Continue this process of increasing speed until the trimmer string begins cutting the grass. Stop releasing the throttle trigger when the trimmer starts cutting the grass effectively.

Step 5

Adjust the trimmer string at a 6-inch length for best results. Keep the trimmer head in such a way that the edge of the string just reaches the grass to be trimmed. This allows the trimmer to keep constant contact with hard surfaces such as brick, cement, landscaping stones or asphalt, and prevents the string from shortening.

Step 6

Sweep the trimmer side to side with its head parallel to the ground as it trims grass. Work your way through your lawn slowly so the entire grass is horizontally even and level. Also run it over areas that your lawn mower could not reach.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Protective eyeglasses
  • Grass trimmer


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