The Colors of the Rose Flower

The colors of the rose flower extend to nearly every imaginable hue except for true blue, according to the University of Illinois Extension. Available as bright, saturated additions to your garden, more subdued watercolor types, or rich, creamy options, identifying options in the color family of your choice will offer you greater flexibility in your garden's color palette.

Warm Colors

Some colors of the rose flower come in warm varieties; warm colors are those that appear to be warm in temperature, such as yellow, orange or red. Examples of warm-colored rose flowers: Americana (a red hybrid tea rose), Arizona (a copper hybrid tea rose), golden slippers (a yellow floribunda rose), pink parfait (a light pink grandiflora rose), scarlet gem (an orange miniature rose) and the fairy (a pink shrub rose), according to the N.C. State University Cooperative Extension.

Cool Colors

The rose flower also comes in cool colors, which are those hues that appear cool to the touch, like blue, violet and green. Cool-colored rose flowers include, but are not limited to, the following varieties: angel face (a lavender floribunda rose) and lavender girl (a rosy purple floribunda rose), according to the N.C. State University Cooperative Extension. Also, as explained by the UC Davis Extension, the floribunda rose called "green rose" is a green-hued variety that appears to be made up of leaves instead of petals (the appearance is not typical of a rose).

Whites and Creams

Many varieties of rose flowers come in saturated white and cream colors. Included in the white and cream options are: blanche mallerin (a white hybrid tea rose), pascali (a creamy white hybrid tea rose), saratoga (a white floribunda rose), white dawn (a white climbing rose), iceland queen (a white climbing rose) and sea foam (a white shrub rose), as documented by the N.C. State Cooperative Extension Service.


Of the vast array of colors available, rose flowers also display color blends, or combinations of more than one shade of a particular color. Blended colors include the following: American heritage (a salmon blend hybrid tea rose), bahia (an orange blend hybrid tea rose), royal sunset (an apricot blend climbing rose), Sunday (a red blend climbing rose) and Debbie (a yellow blend miniature rose), according to the N.C. State University Cooperative Extension.

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