Funeral Wreath Ideas

While flower bouquets at funerals express your personal sadness or grief over a death, funeral wreaths represent a tribute to the deceased. Funeral wreaths traditionally are round, doughnut-shaped and made of greenery with white and/or red flowers. White flowers represent purity and peace, while red flowers express love. Contemporary funeral wreaths are more individualized and symbolic, and often include a subtle message or personalized tribute to the deceased.


Add a special touch to your funeral wreath that expresses your thoughts and feelings by selecting flowers that have symbolic meaning. Popular flower choices that represent a particular sentiment include: bachelor buttons for hope and devotion, freesia for innocence, gladiolas for strength of character, heliotropes to signify devotion, lilies for purity, and statice for sympathy. Colors also send a quiet message of strength and support. For example, pink represents the fight against breast cancer; selecting this color for your funeral wreath when the deceased has succumbed to this disease further personalizes the tribute. Several other colors are associated with specific illnesses, so find out if one applies to the deceased and use it


Personalize your funeral wreath with a loving touch of remembrance by adding charms. Funeral wreath charms are not like jewelry charms, rather, they are objects that reflect an interest, hobby or the profession of the deceased. If the departed was a teacher, pencils, books, rulers and apples would serve well as charm choices. For a sports lover, you can include items like flowers or bows in the colors of a favorite team, a football or a pennant.


A funeral wreath doesn't need to contain fresh flowers and greenery, nor does it have to be circular. For example, a funeral wreath can be heart-shaped or made of intertwining hearts; a horseshoe design is also common. The wreath can contain foliage that dries decoratively so that the family can preserved it for years. Good choices for this purpose include statice, heather, eucalyptus, baby's breath, holly and herbs. You can also select pre-dried flowers or silk flowers for a memento wreath.

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