Fieldstone Patio Landscaping Ideas

Naturally occurring in fields and meadows, the natural rounded ffieldstones are often cut and split into flat pieces to build patios and walls. Laid flat, fieldstone is useful to create stone courtyards, walkways and patios. Fieldstone occurs in a wide range of colors including, blue, brown, tan and pale red.

Vine-Covered Pergola

Create a shaded patio retreat over the fieldstone patio with a vine-covered pergola. Pergolas create commanding garden displays that help define the fieldstone patio to create an intimate space for outdoor living and dining. Tucked along the fieldstone patio, the pergola becomes a space on which to grow climbing flowering vines like Carolina jasmine. A moderate grower, Carolina jasmine is an evergreen vine that grows 10 to 20 inches long. The twining bright green tendrils hold the bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. Fragrant, Carolina jasmine has a rapid to moderate growth rate to cover the patio pergola in a short period of time. Drought-tolerant, Carolina jasmine retains its foliage and color all year long to provide a warm respite to a winter patio, when most other plants die down for the season.

Flower-filled Containers

Around the perimeter of the patio, nestle flower-filled containers for bright bursts of color to the landscape. A contrast and balance to the natural shades found in fieldstone, brightly colored containers fill the space with texture and vibrancy. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors, including glazed, metal and terracotta, containers create miniature gardens that are easily changed out from season to season. Mixing "hot" plant colors together like red zinnias, yellow coreopsis and orange cosmos creates a fiery container display. Neutral shades of green, when mixed together, bring a lush, jungle feel to the patio. Vegetables and herbs are also ideal plants to grow in containers to spill out and over the patio. Tomatoes and cucumbers, thrive within containers to create edible delights around the patio. Perennial herbs like dill, fennel and thyme, come together for an aromatic herb pot to use to flavor stews and soups.

Evergreen Row

Envelop the fieldstone patio by planting thin, tall evergreens like Italian cypress. Planted side-by-side, narrow evergreens help to create a privacy shield around the patio, without taking up a lot of room like wider trees and bushes. Growing 3 to 5 feet wide and up to 30 feet tall, Italian cypress trees have dark green foliage and an upright, conical shape that brings height to the fieldstone patio. As an evergreen, the Italian cypress tree remains vibrant during winter and is a constant source of color to the landscape. Versatile, Italian cypress trees grow in a range of soil types.

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