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Many gardeners and landscape designers use flower beds to add interest and beauty to the scenery. Flower beds provide separate areas for planting a variety of numerous plants that share certain characteristics and requirements. They range in size from small enclosures and containers on patios and balconies to large expanses of blossoming land in parks and along roadways. Incorporate one or more colorful flowerbeds into your own yard to create a welcoming, blossoming landscape.

Border Gardens

Plant flowers along a path, sidewalk or driveway to lead visitors to your home or other areas of your yard. Create a line of color between your walkway and the surrounding lawn with a narrow row of blossoming plants. Choose flowers that maintain a slightly compact form for these types of flower beds. Marigolds and several varieties of petunias highlight walks without spreading over their narrow boundaries. Avoid prickly plants, such as rose bushes, in areas with frequent traffic.

Island Beds

Flower beds placed in the center of a large stretch of grass can break up uninteresting expanses of lawn. Form your flower bed in an even, balanced shape, such as a circle or rectangle, to create interest in formal landscapes. Consider making a kidney-shaped flower bed in casual settings and informal landscapes. Plant these island beds with tall flowers such as giant phlox in the center, tapering out to smaller plants like lobelia near the outside edge. This type of flowerbed looks appealing from all sides and angles.

Butterfly Gardens

Create a flower bed for your winged friends. Brightly colored blossoms attract both birds and butterflies. Appealing flowers include asters, sunflowers, butterfly weed, beebalm and columbine. Plant these flowers together in a bed located in view of a window or patio door. Plants that attract butterflies also attract other flying insects, such as bees. Avoid placing this type of flowerbed close to outdoor seating areas, where bees, butterflies and birds may create a nuisance.

Theme Gardens

Consider flowerbeds that maintain individual themes, such as spring flower bed with various types of early blooming bulbs and tubers. Other interesting themes include flower beds that contain just desert blossoms and cacti or limit themselves to numerous types of roses or daisies. Themes based on colors contain numerous types of plants that share the same color. For instance, a red flowerbed may contain scarlet flax, red petunias and red cosmos. Consider the soil and lighting requirements of your individual selections to ensure healthy blossoms.

Perennial Beds

Place your perennials in separate flower beds to avoid disturbing the roots when planting new annuals in the spring. A few perennials blossom the first year, but most wait to produce flowers the summer after planting. Perennial flower beds produce blossoms year after year in suitable conditions--peonies, primrose and bleeding hearts bloom each year. Keep these beds in good shape by pruning away dead growth and separating tubers every few years.

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