Ideas for Landscaping a Grass Perimeter

Define the grass to create a polished look for your landscape. Tracing the grass with plants brings in color to an otherwise neutral border. Defining the grass border also helps to transition to nearby flowerbeds for a tended look to the garden. Large borders along the grass draw your eye as a focal point to the space.

Tropical Plants

Create the feel of a lush, island garden by planting tropical plants along the grass perimeter. Tropical plants in fiery colors like red, orange and yellow contrast with the green grass to create a balanced design. Tall, tropical perennial plants like elephant ear add height to the grass perimeter and are ideal for creating structure. Black magic, a variety of elephant ear, has large, deep purple to black heart-shaped leaves attached to dark purple stalks that grow up to 6 feet tall. A commanding presence, elephant ear plants complement the green grass. Tropical flowers like cannas have bright green foliage that grows in upright clumps, ideal for lining a grass perimeter. Reaching 24 to 144 inches tall, canna blooms grow in a wide range of colors including, red, yellow, pink orange and salmon. Summer-blooming, canna flowers require full sun to thrive. They tolerate drought and a wide range of soil varieties, making a versatile tropical flower to grow along a grass border.

Aromatic Herbs

Herbs have fragrant flowers and bright foliage, creating a scented grass perimeter. Herbs like rosemary, dill and fennel have highly textured foliage that, once planted, comes back every year for a striking border. Herbs like purple basil add color to the grass border and help to fill in the spaces with their clumping, upright shape. Planted side-by-side, nestle smaller herbs like creeping thyme, oregano and savory along the front of the grass perimeter to creep over the space with their trailing growth habit. For a bit of color, and to contrast with the varying shades of green, add in bright annual blooms like zinnia and cosmos.

Stone Path

Embrace a sweeping, curved or straight landscape by building a stone path along the perimeter of the grass. Flagstone is a flat, highly durable stone to use along the grass to create edging along the border. It helps create a tended look while adding a path to stroll down to admire the garden. Flagstone paths are versatile, connecting areas around the landscape like a backyard patio to a vine-covered pergola. Lay the flagstone at least 2 to 3 feet wide to create a wide perimeter for gardening equipment or resting while pruning nearby flowers and plants.

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