Paver Landscaping Ideas

Made in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes, pavers are a good choice to connect areas of the garden together. With their ability to take up stain, pavers are a way to add color to the landscape while creating functional outdoor spaces. Tucked under a favorite shade tree or placed within a perennial bed as a resting spot while weeding, pavers fit into any size landscape.

Circular Patio

Durable and weather-resistant, pavers can be used to create your own patio design. Mixing small and large pavers together is an ideal way to create a mosaic look for the patio. Tucked into a corner of the landscape, a circular paver patio draws the eye into the space and creates a visually stimulating design and the ideal spot for an outdoor dining set. Define the edges and perimeter of the paver patio by planting ground cover like lamb's ear. Growing in upright clumps, lamb's ear is an evergreen ground cover that keeps the paver patio bright all year round, including winter. The velvet leaves resemble the shape of a lamb's ear and create a pleasant scent when brushed against. Versatile, lamb's ear tolerates both sun and shade.

Meandering Path

Lay a paver path between areas of the garden to connect spaces together like a garden pergola and backyard patio. Paver paths create a focal point to the landscape and are low maintenance. Spaced at least 3 feet wide, the paver path accommodates gardening equipment like a wheelbarrow and becomes a strolling path for admiring flowers and plants. Space the pavers about 5 to 10 inches apart to grow plants between each stone. Moss and creeping thyme, both durable ground covers, trace the lines of the pavers to create a well-defined path. Their bright green foliage also contrasts with the neutral stones to create a well-balanced design.

Garden Border

Give garden borders a polished look with paver edging. As grass transitions to perennial beds and vegetable gardens, defining the edge in between helps to transition from soil to turf. Pavers are large stones, so rest them side-by-side to create the garden border. For a miniature garden wall, stack the stones 5 inches high for your own barrier and a space for plants to cascade over as they grow. Stone borders also help to suppress weeds around the garden and prevent erosion from creeping in, especially on sloped areas of the garden.

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