Wedding Flowers Ideas for Bridal Bouquets

A bride's bouquet should be as distinctive and beautiful as the bride herself. The flowers chosen for the bouquet should reflect the style and color of the wedding, as well as the personal preference and taste of the bride-to-be. In addition, the flowers should be durable enough to look fresh and beautiful for hours while being carried, without wilting or dropping petals. Finally, consider which flowers are in bloom during the season of your wedding.


Roses are the traditional favorite for a wedding bridal bouquet. Beautiful, fragrant and durable, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from slender, elegant long-stemmed roses to ruffled, frilly tea roses. Roses are also versatile. They can be used paired with ribbons and lace for a romantic wedding, or carried in a simple, elegant nosegay for a sophisticated affair. Although roses are available any time of the year, they can be expensive, especially if you are getting married around a popular floral holiday such as Valentine's Day.


The trend toward green, natural weddings often includes less formal floral arrangements. Wildflowers are an excellent choice if you want a colorful, loose and fun bouquet. This option works best if you are a spring or early June bride, as most wildflowers bloom in the spring. These flowers also work well for an outdoor wedding. Try some apple or pear blossoms in your bouquet, as well as heather for texture and greenery, freesia or lavender for scent, and some sturdy irises to fill it out. Add some curling willow branches or pussy willows for even more natural appeal.


Lilies are popular flowers in bridal bouquets for a number of reasons. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors, are very hardy and are much less expensive than roses. In addition, lilies go well with just about any flower, from the aforementioned roses to very inexpensive carnations. For a modern and unusual look, carry one long, stunning lily instead of a bouquet. Lilies bloom from summer into late fall and even winter in warmer climates, so they are also available almost year-round.

Large Blooms

Large blooms make a stunning statement in a bridal bouquet, but note that they are also often more delicate than other flowers. Hydrangeas can be up to 12 inches across and even come in a rare, stunning baby-blue or pink color. Dahlias can grow to plate-sizes and are also available in bright, almost neon colors--perfect for a vibrantly colored wedding. Sunflowers are a showy and popular choice, paired with chrysanthemums and perhaps daisies, for an autumn wedding.

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