How to Arrange a Flower Container


Flowers add color and interest to landscapes and yards. Colorful blossoms create a focal point, directing visitors' attention toward these areas. Many types of flowers thrive in containers, making them suitable plants for porches, patios and balconies. While flowerbeds can take up large amounts of landscape space, container flowers require little space. Different varieties of flowers exhibit distinct qualities and characteristics. Attractive arrangements in containers supply living beauty and color to small areas.

Step 1

Arrange your flowers according to the types of containers you own. Consider using one type of flower in long, narrow containers. A row of petunias or marigolds provide a line of color in these narrow types of containers, suitable for no more than a single row of flowers. Space your plants evenly to create a well-balanced appearance. Do not crowd your flowers in their containers. Allow about 1-inch of soil around each rootball when arranging your flower containers.

Step 2

Choose tall plants to place in the center of round and square pots. Avoid placing very tall plants in shallow containers. Containers that go in the center of tables and plant stands require even, balanced arrangements to create attractive views from all directions. Arrange smaller plants in a circle around the center plants, and finish with a circle of low-growing vines or groundcovers near the outside rim of your pots. Arrange the tendrils of these creeping flowers to spill over the edge of the pots as they grow and mature. Use different colors of blossoms for the center section, middle section and outside section.

Step 3

Consider your flowers' requirements when arranging them in containers. Arrange plants that share similar qualities together. For instance, place shade-tolerant varieties together and place in areas that receive minimal amounts of sunshine. Keep all your sun-loving varieties in one container to ensure a healthy arrangement. Consider the mature size of small seedlings when arranging them in containers. Do not place tall, bushy varieties where they eventually block the sun from reaching smaller selections. Avoid planting flowers that require moist soil next to ones that prefer dry soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Flower seedlings
  • Soil


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