Types of Grass in South Australia

Unlike the majority of Australia, which is covered by a hot, arid desert, Southern Australia is partially a temperate zone, welcoming cool breezes from the coast and a respite from blazing temperatures. Southern Australia contains a diverse array of plant species and an impressive variety of native grasses.

Kangaroo Grass

Kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra syn. Themeda australis) is a perennial grass that grows throughout Southern and Eastern Austalia, producing attractive black seed heads if allowed to grow freely. Kangaroo grass is commonly grown in pastures, lawns and landscaping. The grass prefers full sunlight, though it will grow in a range of soils. Kangaroo grass has a high heat and drought tolerance, and a low-to-moderate tolerance of frost.

Weeping Grass

Weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides) is a native Australian grass that grows throughout Southeastern Australia. The lush, vibrant green grass is popular for lawns and parks. Weeping grass grows well near the coast, as it has a moderate tolerance of salt. Weeping grass can be grown in both full sunlight and partial shade, making it a versatile grass. Both drought and heat-tolerant, weeping grass should be planted in acidic soils.

Wallaby Grass

Growing freely in temperate areas of Southeastern and Southwestern Australia is wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia spp.), a native Australian grass that's commonly used for cattle grazing, lawns and improving disturbed soils. The hardy green grass produces fluffy white heads. Ideally, wallaby grass should be planted in sunlight in acidic medium clays to light sandy loams. It's important for the soil to be well drained, as the grass dislikes soggy soils. Wallaby grass is highly drought and heat-tolerant.

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