Tools to Remove Weeds From Your Lawn


Homeowners spend many hours maintaining beautiful lawns; uncontrolled weeds impede lawn growth and make lawns less aesthetically appealing.Pulling weeds by hand is effective but laborious for lawns. Utilizing different tools to remove weeds from your lawn saves time and energy. Take advantage of the different types of tools for weed control and lawn beautification.


The types of tools to remove weeds from your lawn depend on the lawn size. Apply a preventative herbicide that is safe to use on grass for large lawns to reduce the need to later pull weeds. Hand tools work for confined small areas of weeds or small lawns.


The function of tools to remove weeds is to control weeds without sacrificing large amounts of grass in the lawn area. For example, a preventative weed herbicide keeps weeds from germinating and spreading throughout the grass. A claw or cultivator removes taproots and weeds, such as dandelions, without pulling up entire sections of grass.


The primary features to consider for weed removal tools is effectiveness for the specific types of weeds and ease of use. Long-handled tools reduce back strain and make weeding possible when kneeling or sitting is not an option. Power and gas weeding tools reduce the labor required to get rid of unwanted lawn weeds. Ergonomic and adjustable handles reduce joint stress and muscle fatigue.

Time Frame

The best time to use lawn weed removal tools is at the first presence of weeds. Landscapers often notice new weed growth after the last frost for the season. Winter weed seeds germinate and grow at the beginning of warm weather. Weeds also thrive after deep lawn watering.


There are several primary types of tools to remove weeds from lawns. The angle weeder, fish tail, farmer's weeder or asparagus knife tools penetrate the soil and remove the taproot for weeds, such as dandelions. These tools are angled knife blades, typically with long handles. Electric or gas weeders cut the tops off of weeds to prevent germination and growth. Weeders work best for large areas of weeds and just prior to cutting the lawn. They do not disturb the lawn soil.

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