How to Sell Mondo Grass


Mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) is used for edging around flowerbeds, for borders and as a ground cover. There are several varieties available, with some reaching 16 inches in height. There are also some variegated varieties of mondo grass. The grass grows in clumps and is easily divided by pulling apart the clumps into individual "eyes" where new growth is emerging. Mondo grass is an evergreen perennial that is often confused with liriope (Liriope muscari), but the leaves of mondo grass are thinner and less cold-tolerant than liriope. Mondo grass grows well in the southern half of the United States.

Step 1

Determine the number of 4-inch planting pots you need for your project as well as the required amount of potting soil. To stay competitive, visit a retail location that sells mondo grass to find what price to charge for each 4-inch pot of mondo grass you are selling, if you are selling retail, or directly to customers. If you are selling wholesale to a retailer, expect to get about half that amount. If you are selling to a wholesaler who in turn sells to a retailer, you should expect to receive about 40 percent of the retail price. You need to calculate the costs of pots and potting soil as well as labor and other expenses and figure out how many pots you need to sell to make a profit. You also need to establish your market or get a good idea of where you will sell your product before beginning your project.

Step 2

In the fall, fill clean planting pots with new potting soil. Don't use soil from the garden because it may contain bugs or diseases that transfer to the mondo grass you are going to sell. Situate the pots inside the planting trays so they will be easy to transport. You will be preparing the mondo grass to sell in the spring, when most people are out buying plants for their yard.

Step 3

Dig clumps of mondo grass from the ground with a shovel, or pull the clumps of mondo grass from larger containers. Lay the mondo grass on a sturdy surface, and chop the root clump into sections with the hatchet. Then, using your hands, pull the sections apart until you have several sections that have four or five green leaves attached to a common root section. Each of these sections is capable of producing a bigger clump of mondo grass.

Step 4

Plant the newly divided sections containing four or five leaves attached to a common root section into each 4-inch pot. Cover the root base completely with potting soil and water thoroughly. Allow to grow over the winter in a protected area away from direct exposure to winter weather, such as the south side of a structure or a heated greenhouse. Water the mondo grass often so that it stays damp, but not wet, because the roots rot if left standing in water. If possible, set trays off the ground so that insects cannot enter the pots during the winter.

Step 5

Begin selling your product and taking orders as early in the spring as possible. The longer you hold the inventory and care for it, the more expensive it becomes and the more it affects your profit. Before bringing to market, cut off any yellow or damaged leaves so the product looks good.

Things You'll Need

  • Mondo grass
  • 4-inch square planting pots
  • Trays to hold planting pots
  • Sterile potting soil
  • Hatchet
  • Shovel


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