The Best Tomato Plants for EarthBoxes

The EarthBox is used to grow vegetables, fruits and other plants on patios. The system allows even those who do not have much space to produce fresh items throughout the growing season. Some types of tomatoes grow better in an EarthBox than others. Your area's climate is also one of the main factors in choosing successful tomato varieties for your EarthBox.

Drought-Prone Areas

Hot areas that are prone to drought require varieties of tomatoes that aren't as sensitive to dry soil. An EarthBox will lock in moisture better than plain garden beds, but it cannot help incredibly delicate plants. A good determinate variety for these regions is the Green Grape tomato, a small, high-yield type that is very hardy. Preferable indeterminate varieties for EarthBoxes in this climate include Heartland and Porter.

Hot, Humid Areas

Tomatoes grown in hot, humid areas are prone to rotting and disease. EarthBoxes curb these issues by evenly distributing moisture and nutrients. Recommended determinate varieties for this type of climate include Celebrity and Homestead. Indeterminate varieties that work best are Brandywine Sudduth and Crimson Carmello.

Short Growing Seasons

Short growing seasons can stunt tomato plants, which may keep them from producing fruit. It's best to choose varieties that mature quickly, a process that the EarthBox will help streamline. Plant determinate types such as Earthly Wonder and Glacier. Indeterminate varieties like Fireworks and Stupice are also good choices.

Cool Nights

Cool nights can kill tomato plants that aren't specially designed to handle the drop in temperature. In this climate, the determinate variety that does best in EarthBoxes is Bush Beefsteak. Early Girl and Yellow Pear are the most solid indeterminate choices.

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