The Best Tomatoes to Grow in Hanging Planters

Growing tomatoes in hanging planters is a great way to make the most of space issues in small patios or yards. It's best to stick with cherry, grape and other small tomato varieties when planting them in these baskets. These plants don't need as much space and won't become weighed down by heavy fruit. According to the Telegraph, there are several types that grow well in hanging planters.

Tumbling Tom Red

Tumbling Tom Red cherry tomato plants produce hundreds of tiny, bright-red fruit. The vines on the plant are designed to grow over the sides of the planters, hanging down below the pots. The determinate plant takes about 70 days to reach maturity after planting the seedlings.

Hundreds and Thousands

Hundreds and Thousands tomato plants are capable of producing more than 500 tomatoes per plant. The tiny, very sweet fruit will start appearing less than 70 days after planting and will continue to pop up over the course of several months.


Tumbler tomato plants produce around 200 small tomatoes per growing season. The fruit, which takes about 50 days to grow and ripen, tastes far less sweet than most cherry varieties. Tumbler tomatoes are great for hanging baskets that double as porch decorations. The plants spread out quite a bit after they're planted, filling the hanging planter with lush green leaves.


Maskotka tomato plants are a very bushy variety. The hybrid plants are specially designed for container growing and do well in hanging planters because they tend not to droop over the sides of the pot. Though each plant will likely produce only about 100 fruits, the sweet tomatoes are highly resistant to cracking, making them a good choice for very hot climates. The plants reach maturity in about 90 days.

Tumbling Tom Yellow

Tumbling Tom Yellow tomato plants are similar to Tumbling Tom Red tomato plants, except they produce golden-colored fruit. This variety is less productive than its red counterpart and will not droop as far over the sides of the hanging planter. The small, yellow tomatoes are juicy and slightly sweet. The determinate plant matures in about 70 days and yields around 200 fruit.

Garden Pearl

Garden Pearl tomato plants produce perfectly round, dark red cherry tomatoes. The fruit isn't quite as juicy as other cherry tomato types. The plant requires about 60 to 70 days to mature and spreads quite a bit in the pot. One Garden Pearl plant will yield about 300 tomatoes.

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