Unique Small Plant Pot Ideas

Wildflowers, herbs and other diminutive plants fit in any nook or corner of your home and brighten the place up nicely. But use cookie-cutter terra cotta pots to plant them when you can use your imagination instead? Your small container garden will please your senses all the more for growing out of one-of-a-kind planters you make yourself.

Starter Pots From Biodegradable Materials

If you're starting seeds for later transplant, you don't need to spend money for such a temporary use. You can make your own plant starter pots from small biodegradable items you'll find around your house. For instance, save the cardboard tube from the next toilet paper roll you use up. Stand it up on a tray, fill it with soil, and plant two or three seeds inside. Or use an egg carton to plant a dozen seedlings at once, and gently separate the cups when it's time to transplant. Simply stick the small planter into the ground whole, just as you would a peat pot. Not only is this less time-consuming for you, it's easier on the plant, reducing transplant shock and providing extra support for the root system while it's still tiny.

Craft Projects For Kids

Used milk cartons in quart or even pint sizes present a world of possibilities for your children's house plants. Since milk cartons are already water-proof, they're perfect for do-it-yourself plant pots. A milk carton's narrow shape and small size guarantees it a space in even the most cluttered child's bedroom. Rinse out the carton and cut the pointed top off to create a narrow, rectangular container roughly the same height as your expect your plant to get when full-grown. Before putting soil and seeds inside, let your children decorate it with tissue paper, glitter and nontoxic paint.

Reuse Household Objects

Any small item that will hold soil is a potential planter. Park your beloved broken-down shoes in your garden and sow flowers where your feet used to be. Should a favorite coffee mug spring a leak, give it a new lease on life as a kitchen windowsill herb planter. A thimble garden on a doll house porch is sure to delight. An empty spaghetti jar is perfect for wheat grass; in addition to a smoothie ingredient or healthy pet treat, you'll also get a fascinating science project as the transparent glass allows you to watch the root mass develop.

Throw Your Own Clay Pot

Unglazed, fired clay is a great material for plant pots of all sizes. It's porous, letting roots breathe and soil drain. You don't have to own a potter's wheel or a kiln to make your own small plant pot. There's probably a pottery studio near you where you can sculpt or throw your own unique planters which the studio will fire for you.

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