Tips on Landscaping My Lawn

While landscaping your lawn may seem like an easy, straightforward task, to get the healthiest and most attractive lawn, you will need to factor a number of facets and issues into the process. There is definitely more to landscaping your lawn than just watering the grass periodically. Having a well-maintained, well-planned lawn can raise the value of your house as well as dramatically improve its appearance.


When you are selecting the plants that will be incorporated into your lawn, make sure that they are complementary. You will need to factor in when plants bloom, how much space they need and how you should expect them to grow. For example, you would not want to plant sun-loving perennials underneath a beautiful shade tree, since the tree will eventually rob those plants of the light that they need. Make sure that the plants that you buy will fit into your lawn and complement each other in terms of color and the amount of space that they take up, rather than simply buying a plant because it is pretty, then finding a space for it.


Keeping your lawn well-fertilized will help prevent weeds and diseases from invading your lawn. Healthy grass can usually choke out most weeds. Use fertilizers high in nitrogen for a green lawn, and do not fertilize excessively during droughts, since at that time weeds are more likely to take advantage of the added nutrients than your grass is. Also, fertilize when your grass is in a growing season rather than when it is dormant, since dormant grass will not take much advantage of fertilizers.


Water your lawn in such a way as to train it to be drought-resistant, and you will not only have hardier grass, but you will also have grass that can fight off diseases on its own. Grass should be watered in the early morning to inhibit fungal infections, and you can train the grass roots to reach deeper than weeds' roots -- thereby creating a natural, water-based defense mechanism against weeds -- by watering thoroughly when you water, then not watering again until the soil is dry in your lawn.

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