How to Deer-Proof Herb Gardens


Fresh herbs are a cook's delight, adding flavor and interest to food. Herbs are easy to grow as long as they get enough sunlight. Water where summers are very dry to supplement rainfall. Herbs are strongly flavored or have fuzzy leaf textures that deer don't like. They'll eat their favorite plants before nibbling herbs. Be warned that starving deer will eat any plant that isn't poisonous. The only way to deer-proof an herb garden is with fencing.

Step 1

Use trees growing in the area around the herb garden as the fence posts. The deer-proof fencing is made of heavy-duty interwoven material and is a bit stretchable. Tie the fencing to the first tree by wrapping it around the tree twice and then fasten it at ground level, in the middle and at the top with bungee cords, rope or the wire.

Step 2

Stretch the fencing to the next tree. Attach it at the bottom, middle and top. Continue until the fencing surrounds the herb garden. End the fencing back at the first tree.

Step 3

Use 10-foot wooden posts or metal rods if trees aren't available or aren't in the right place. Dig a hole two feet deep and one foot wide for each post. Place the post in the hole. Fill halfway with gravel and then to the top with cement. Let the cement cure for several days before securing the fencing.

Step 4

Plant herbs and flowers deer don't like around the perimeter of the herb garden. A few examples of these plants include ornamental grasses, sage, lemon balm, bee balm and Russian sage. Deer don't like plants with thorns or prickles, with the exception of roses

Step 5

Consider other deer protection fencing materials if the plastic material doesn't appeal to you. Fencing comes in mesh wire, interwoven wire and electric fencing. Deer do learn to get under and/or through the electric fencing. Chain link fencing will work but it's expensive and has to be professionally installed. Some gardeners don't like the way it looks.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear goggles and gloves for protection.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic deer-proof fencing eight feet high
  • Bungee cords, rope or wire
  • Scissors
  • Shovel


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