How to Identify Hanging Basket Plants


Hanging baskets need a combination of plant types to look attractive and abundant. Choose plants for height and fullness for the basket center. Plant flowers with trailing vines or tendrils that hang down at the basket edge. Choose plants that provide continuous blooms and that are adapted to grow well in either a sunny or shaded location. There are a few steps to take to identify the hanging basket plants that will do best for your conditions.

Step 1

Chose plants for the center of the hanging basket that give fullness and height. Standard geraniums, angel wing begonias, bachelor's button, ageratum or dianthus are medium to tall in height. These plants give continuous bloom or have attractive leaves.

Step 2

Add plants to the edge of the basket that will trail over the side. Look for plants such as ivy geranium, bacopa, English ivy, verbena, 'Million Bells. They have tendrils to hang over the edges.

Step 3

Choose sun-loving plants for a basket on a sunny porch: coreopsis, ageratum, French marigold, dwarf zinnia. Trailing verbena does well in the sun,grows to 12 inches and comes in a wide range of colors.

Step 4

For hanging basket flowers in the shade, choose impatiens, fuchsia, coleus, begonia, and English ivy, and pothos. There are many varieties of begonia for hanging baskets (please see Resource)

Tips and Warnings

  • Hanging basket plants have restricted space and soil to grow in so they need additional fertilizer regularly.Feed hanging basket plants using compost tea or 1 tablespoon of compost per month for each basket.


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Who Can Help

  • The American Begonia Society
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