How to Stake a Dwarf Korean Lilac Bush


Dwarf Korean lilac, known botanically as the Syringa meyerii species, has several cultivars that grow as large, mounding shrubs that spread 4 to 6 feet and grow the same in height. Though naturally a bush form, they are often pruned into a single trunk and staked when young to be used as specimen ornamentals in the landscape.

Step 1

Measure the length of your lilac trunk from the soil line to just under the canopy. Add at least 6 inches to that measurement for the portion of the stake that goes into the soil. Acquire or cut a sturdy timber or metal stake to the desired length.

Step 2

Slide the stake alongside the trunk so that they nearly touch and run parallel to one another. Drive the stake into the soil until secure and standing upright, at least 6 inches.

Step 3

Tie the lilac trunk to the stake at the top just under the canopy line, at the middle and roughly 1 foot above the soil. Use soft, flexible garden tines that will not dig into the lilac bark or girdle the trunk over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal or wood stake
  • Flexible garden ties


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