Native Yolo County Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

Residents in Yolo County, California, located in the north central part of the state, have several native plant varieties that attract hummingbirds. These small, hovering birds are not only entertaining to watch, but serve as essential pollinators for many plants. Certain plants have adapted to accommodate hummingbirds, which are lured by sight rather than scent, making these plants visually pleasing landscaping additions.

Red Larkspur

Delphinium cardinale, a member of the buttercup family, blooms in May and June. It features bright red, horn-shaped blossoms that point forward on stalks that reach up to 5 feet tall. Seeds should be sown in partial shade, and plants should be watered lightly during the growing season. This species grows well in dry, rocky soil. Protect the plant from snails as it remains dormant in the winter.

California Fuschia

There are several species of this native plant, but all have brilliant orange flowers that point upward and bloom in August, September and October. These plants are hardy and drought tolerant. They thrive in dry, mostly stony locations that receive full sun. The plant's scientific name is Zauschneria.

Tree Mallow

Tree Mallow, or Lavatera assurgentiflora, is a Channel Island native that thrives in Yolo County. It has rosy pink flowers that bloom almost all year. It is known for its vigorous growth because of its ability to grow up to 10 feet in one year.

Western Columbine

This hardy native, also known as Aquilegia formosa, grows well in shade or sun, but requires more water if it is growing in full sun. Species feature red and yellow hanging, bell-shaped flowers that bloom May through August. The plants grow up to 3 feet tall.


This honescuckle shrub, also known as Lonicera involucrata, grows up to 8 feet tall and features shiny green deciduous foliage. The tubular red, orange and yellow flowers fade to reddish purple. They are followed by black and purple berries that some animals eat. The flowers bloom in March through August. The plants grow best in moist soil and full sun.


Manzanita is a shrub that grows up to 10 feet tall. Small flowers that measure about ½ inch in diameter are white and pink and bloom in March, April and May. The bright red, berries are eaten by many mammals. This hardy bush grows in full sun or shade, and in most soil types. Its scientific name is Arctostaphylos columbiana.

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