How to Choose a Broadcast Spreader


Broadcast spreaders, also known as rotary spreaders, speed up the process of spreading seed or fertilizer over a wide expanse of lawn. If you are interested in speedily seeding or fertilizing a large, uninterrupted lawn with no flower beds in it, a good broadcast spreader is just the thing. However, they are not terribly accurate, which is why they should be avoided if you have flower beds in the middle of or near your lawn.

Step 1

Consider whether you prefer a walk-behind or hand-held broadcast spreader. Both require you to walk at an even pace to ensure even coverage as you pull the trigger to use the spreader. Hand-held broadcast spreaders require you to bear their weight, and may cause you to tire more quickly while working.

Step 2

Examine the broadcast spreaders currently available in your area. While you may consider ordering from a catalog or online, examining broadcast spreaders in person at a local retailer before purchasing is a good way to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase.

Step 3

Choose what kind of seed or fertilizer you wish to use with your broadcast spreader. Broadcast spreaders have different settings available for the rates at which they spread these granular materials. Make sure whichever spreader you choose will work with the seed or fertilizer you wish to use.

Step 4

Consider load capacity. Hand-held broadcasters can only handle up to 3 lb. of grass seed at a time, or 6 lb. of fertilizer. Larger models of walk-behind broadcasters can handle up to 130 lb. of granular material, or enough fertilizer to cover 10,000 square feet of lawn.

Step 5

Consider whether or not you want a deflector on your spreader. A deflector helps aim the seeds or fertilizer more accurately, which is extremely helpful when covering the edges of your lawn.

Step 6

Check the warranty on any broadcast spreader you are considering purchasing. Also check the retailer's return or exchange policy. Make sure you will be covered in any case if something goes wrong or if you change your mind.


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