Bridal Bouquet Ideas

There are as many different bridal bouquets as there are brides to hold them. From small, elegant domes to large, trailing displays, there is a wide range of styles to suit any level of formality or season. There are no rules that dictate which flowers you should use for a bridal bouquet or how many of them there should be. The specific forms of the bouquets each have their structures, but you can play with the forms so they are suited to your individual tastes.

Posy Bouquet

Posy bouquets are small, light and elegant in their understatement. These bouquets can be loose and hand-tied or more formal, with the blooms or the flowers resembling a dome. Do-it-yourself brides can benefit from choosing a posy bouquet, since it is relatively easy to construct when compared to other, more structured bouquets.

Cascade Bouquets

If you prefer a larger bouquet, choose a cascade bouquet, in which flowers trail down from the bouquet. Cascade bouquets are a good choice if you don't want your hands to be visible. The handle is attached to the bouquet behind the flowers, making the hands partially or wholly obscured, depending on how large the bouquet is.

Pomander Bouquets

Pomander bouquets are balls of blooms that hang from a ribbon that serves as the handle for the bouquet. Like the more traditional posy bouquet, brides looking to make their own bouquets can easily create pomander balls themselves with the aid of a ball of florist's foam.

Solitary Flowers

If you prefer a simple bouquet, choose a single flower. To make the flower look finished, you have a few options. Use ribbon to wrap the stem in a color that suits your wedding and the flower. A bow underneath the bloom is an option that gives that flower more visual weight. A more unique idea it to frame the bloom in twisted and colored wire. Check florist shops in your area to find such a frame, or contact local artisans who work with wire to get something custom-made for your wedding.

Presentation Bouquet

If you'd rather cradle your bouquet in an arm instead of holding it vertically, opt for a presentation bouquet, like those often carried by the ladies in beauty pageants. The presentation bouquet is relatively large and long and is cradled on either the left or right arm.

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