Climbing Rose Propagation


Given the range of color, size and growth patterns, roses fill a variety of uses in the landscape. Climbing roses fill a particular growth niche, and these roses propagate readily from cuttings, creating an inexpensive alternative to buying new plants from garden centers and nurseries. After a few years of growth, climbing roses spread over structures, forming living screens and walls of color.


Propagate new rose plants by cutting a few strong canes from the parent plant after the blooming period. Use a sharp knife to remove about 7 inches of the selected canes, and make the cut at a 45-degree angle. Pinch off the leaves along the bottom halves of your cut portions. Cover the bottom portions with a moist paper towel to keep them damp. Do not allow the cut sections to dry out.


Encourage the climbing rose cuttings to form new roots by dipping the bottom few inches of each cane into a rooting compound that can be purchased from any garden center. Moisten the lower section with water before dipping to help the compound adhere to the cane.


New climbing rose cuttings require special care during the initial growth stage. Planting these new cuttings in biodegradable pots reduces the risk of transplant shock when setting them in their permanent locations. The use of sterile potting soil ensures reduces the risk of weeds, insects or contaminates. For this reason, root cuttings should not be placed in soil taken from yards and gardens.


Careful placement of the climbing rose cuttings encourages the formation of strong roots. Avoid scraping off the powdered rooting hormone by poking a guide hole in the moistened soil. Then place the cutting into the hole and press the soil around the cane to hold it in place. Allow the new cuttings to take root and grow in an indoor location until roots appear on the outside of the biodegradable pots. This process takes anywhere between two weeks and six months, depending on the climbing rose cultivar.


Climbing roses require large amounts of direct sunlight. Place potted cuttings in a brightly lit window or under grow lights. Turn potted roses occasionally to provide even light exposure to all sides.

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