How to Take Care of an Italian Blue Cypress


Italian blue cypress is a columnar growing tree that reaches a height of 70 feet tall with dark green needle-like foliage. The tree is native to western Asia and southern Europe and is hardy to plant in USDA growing zones 7 through 9. The Italian blue cypress is considered drought tolerant but performs best when the soil remains moist. The tree is low maintenance as it does not require regular fertilizer treatments and pruning.

Step 1

Select a planting location for the Italian blue cypress that offers full sunlight and a well-draining soil such as sandy loam or clay loam. Test the soil pH to verify it is 5.5 to 7.5. Work ground rock sulfur into the soil at least two weeks prior to planting to lower the pH number.

Step 2

Water the tree daily for the first two weeks after planting to assist with root development. Apply supplemental water to established trees 1 to 2 times per month during the hot summer months or periods of drought when the rainfall amounts are less than one inch per week.

Step 3

Fertilizer Italian blue cypress tress with a high phosphorous fertilizer at the time of planting. The tree does not require annual fertilizer applications unless a soil test indicates low nutrient value.

Step 4

Propagate Italian blue cypress trees by taking semi-hardwood stem cuttings taken in late summer. Semi-hardwood cuttings are taken from current year growth that is woody and beginning to mature. Dip the cutting into rooting hormone and stick it into a tray filled with moist rooting medium. The cuttings can be transplanted once the roots are at least one inch in length.

Step 5

Monitor Italian blue cypress trees for the presence of bagworms which cause defoliation. Remove bagworm egg sacks when they appear and spray the tree with a pesticide once the insects are in the larvae stage.

Step 6

Monitor the tree for the presence of the fungal disease canker which is lethal to Italian blue cypress trees. Canker disease causes a large growth at the bottom of the trunk. The only treatment for the disease is removing the tree. Canker is prevented by making sure the soil is not over saturated with water.

Things You'll Need

  • Soil pH test
  • Ground rock sulfur
  • Water
  • High phosphorus fertilizer
  • Pruning clipper
  • Rooting hormone
  • Rooting tray
  • Rooting medium
  • Pesticide


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