The Best Stargazer Lilies

Introduced by Dr. Leslie Woodriff in 1974, 'Stargazer' lilies (Lilium orientalis, var. 'Stargazer') have since become among the best-loved lilies worldwide. Unlike many oriental lilies, the hybrid stargazer lilies face upward--hence the name. They grow on strong stems, and usually need no staking. They prefer sun to light shade and a rich moist soil. Mulching keeps roots cool and helps to retain soil moisture.


Still the queen of the Stargazer lily family, the original 'Stargazer' is a deep rose red edged in pure white. It has deep maroon "freckles" on petals, and very long green stamens with rust-red anthers. The stems are wind resistant and sturdy at 30 inches tall. It blooms in late summer, and is hardy in USDA zones 4 through 8. This beautiful lily makes an excellent cut flower for special occasions.

Golden Stargazer

'Golden Stargazer' is an elegant, rich-looking lily in pure, buttery yellow burnished with gold and lightly spattered with orange-gold freckles. The fragrance--like that of its illustrious namesake, 'Stargazer'--is exceptional. Like all lilies, it likes full sun but prefers cool, moist soil and shaded roots. It grows to 5 feet tall, and is hardy in USDA zones 5 through 8.

Brilliant Star Delight

A newer introduction, 'Brilliant Star Delight' is an improved variety of the original 'Stargazer'. It has a brighter rose pink petal with fewer and more muted freckles. The stamens are a ghostly white-green with rusty orange anthers. Its fragrance has also been improved and it grows considerably taller than its famous parent--up to 4 feet tall. It prefers full sun with shaded roots, and is hardy in zones 4 through 8.


'Caprice' is a hybrid clone of 'Stargazer' (and mixed pollen), according to the Lily Registry. With its red-pink petals edged in white, deep orange anthers on yellow-green stamens, and its deep brown freckles, it greatly resembles 'Stargazer'. However, it can grow much taller--as much as 6 feet. It also likes its head in the sun and its roots shaded. It grows best in zones 4 to 8.


Another Stargazer hybrid with an unnamed seedling, 'Berlin' is a paler purple-pink with strong red to orange-pink mid-veins and deep wine edges. The throat is a bright yellow green, and it has deep red freckles. Like other lilies, it prefers cool, mulched roots in a sunny location. It is hardy zones 4 through 8.


Yet another of the Stargazer hybrid clones, 'Starfighter' is somewhat deeper in color and has a narrow band of white on the petal edges. It is also slightly taller. It prefers full sun with well mulched roots, and is hardy in zones 4 to 8.

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