Holiday Window Box Ideas

A window box brightens up the look of your house and gives it a welcoming, manicured appearance. But a barren, empty window box can look like a gaping hole on the front of your house. Dress the window box up for any holiday or season by changing out the plant material and adding a few non-vegetative "props" that are specific to the current holiday season.


To create a festive spring-themed window box, fill it will spring flowers. Buy potted blooming tulips, daffodils, crocuses or hyacinths. Remove enough soil from the window box to insert the pots of blooming bulbs into the box. Leave them in their pots so as not to disturb their short season of bloom. Hide the pots by placing sheets of floral moss or even the artificial grass used in children's Easter baskets on top of the soil in and around the pots. Tuck in a few artificial eggs and maybe some small figurines of rabbits and chicks. This display will have a short life span because of the brief blooming period of spring bulbs. When they fade, remove the pots, replace the soil and re-plant the window box with cool-weather-loving pansies or violas.


Regardless of the types of foliage or flowering plants you use in your window box for the summer season, dress it up for summer patriotic holidays. Simply poke a few small American flags into the soil among the plants. Add a few of the hand-held type of child windmills in patriotic colors and hang patriotic-colored bunting or crepe paper across the front of the box. This will work with virtually any color or variety of summer flowering plant.


When the summer flowers in your window box begin to fade, pull them out and plant the quintessential autumn flowers commonly called "garden mums." They are available at garden centers beginning in late summer and come in autumn colors such as yellow and rust. They also come in white and lavender shades, if you prefer a cooler color scheme. Add a few small- to medium-sized fall gourds, squashes and/or pumpkins to sit on the soil among the mums. These autumn vegetables will last longer in the window box if you apply a coat of paste-type furniture or car wax to their outer skins before putting them in the box, but they should not be eaten if this treatment is used.


Dress up the window box for winter using evergreen "treetops." These are available in bunches at garden centers and home improvement stores. Insert the bottom stems of the treetops into the soil (before it freezes) and your window box will look like a miniature conifer forest. Dress it up further for the winter holiday season by stringing tiny solar-powered Christmas lights in the tiny forest. For daytime interest, hang miniature unbreakable ornaments on the tiny trees or fasten colorful bows near the tips of the branches. Remove the ornaments after the holiday season and let the treetops decorate the window box until the weather warms enough to plant spring flowers.

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