How to Design Commercial Flowerbeds


Design flowerbeds to add color and enhance appeal of commercial areas, such as office buildings, industrial locations, shopping centers and other business locales. Flowerbeds soften up the exteriors of commercial buildings with their variety of colors and textures and add a personal touch against concrete or brick structures. Designing residential flowerbeds differs from commercial ones as many factors are taken into account besides personal tastes.

Step 1

Design the flowerbed on graph paper to determine its size, length and width. Stick to the traditional square, rectangular or round shape, or incorporate an angular shape for added interest. Keep the flowerbed long and uninterrupted if you want it to stretch an entire side of a commercial building, or break it up to create pathways in between. Make all necessary amendments on paper until you get the design you want.

Step 2

Envision how you want to arrange flowers in the flowerbed. Create rows of same or different colored flowers for a traditional arrangement, or make diagonal lines with flowers for added interest.

Step 3

Decide the colors you want to include in your flowerbed with the help of a color palette. Depending on the size of the flowerbed, incorporate same-color flowers for a uniform effect or multicolored flowers for a brighter arrangement.

Step 4

Consider the climate prior to selecting flowers for your flowerbed so that you know which types thrive in the desired location. Native flowers (those belonging to your zone) are the easiest to grow and maintain.

Step 5

Determine the kinds of flowers you want to include in your flowerbed. Select annuals that last for a single growing season, perennials that last for many growing seasons, biennials that complete a growing season in two years or a combination of all. Your decision affects the amount of labor and the time required to maintain the flowerbed so that it looks its best.

Step 6

Decide whether you want to include fragrant flowers in your flowerbed. Consider opting against this if your flowerbed is situated under windows, because some people are highly sensitive to fragrant flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Color palette
  • Flowers


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