Shade Trees in Australia

Australia encompasses amazing diversity in its landscapes, containing regions as varied as the outback desert, the tropical rain forests of Queensland and miles upon miles of coastal land. With a thin ozone layer and brilliant sunshine for much of the year, shade-giving trees are greatly valued throughout Australia.


Cudgerie (Flindersia schottiana), also called silver ash or bumpy ash, is a tall evergreen tree that produces thick clusters of rich, green, oval-shaped leaves. Cudgerie trees have light gray, greenish trunks and bunches of white flowers that blossom in early summer. The shade-giving tree can be found in arid subtropical rain forests throughout the coast of New South Wales, as well as in the Iron Range and Cape York. The timber of the Cudgeria is valued for indoor furnishings.

Yellow Stringybark

Yellow Stringybark (Eucalyptus muelleriana) is a large eucalyptus tree that produces a dense of leaves canopy. Grown throughout New South Wales and Victoria, yellow stringybark is a distinctive looking tree with a long, straight trunk, thin gray-green leaves and small clusters of white blooms that appear in the summer. The hard, fibrous wood of the yellow stringybark is frequently used in construction.

Weeping Myail

Weeping Myail (Acacia pendula), also called Boree, is a tree that produces a cascading canopy of foliage that can spread up to 26 feet wide. The tree can reach heights of 18 to 40 feet, producing a tremendous amount of much needed shade in the summer. Weeping Myail has long, oblong green-gray foliage and globular yellow flowers that attract birds. The tree can be found growing throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

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