Japanese Flower Names

The diverse landscape of Japan is home to a number of beautiful flower species that are cultivated for their ornamental value throughout the world. Boasting a mostly temperate climate, Japan has flowers that can be grown with relative ease in many other countries worldwide.

Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), also called gold-and-silver flower, is a flowering evergreen vine that can reach staggering lengths of up to 30 feet. The plant produces highly fragrant, distinct-looking blooms that gradually change from white to gold over a period of about 24 hours. Native to Japan and Eastern Asia, Japanese honeysuckle is extremely hardy, tolerating dry, poor soils as well as water logged soils. The plant will grow in both full sun and full shade, although the blooms will be more prolific in full sun. The plant is considered an invasive species in some states, and should be grown only by those who can control the plant with confidence.

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana), also called Japanese magnolia, is a species of magnolia that can be found throughout Japan. Saucer magnolia is an early bloomer, producing showy blossoms in shades of white, pink or purple in late winter to early spring (later in colder climates). Saucer magnolias are generally medium to large sized shrubs, and can be used as shade trees once they reach their full height. The plant requires well drained, thoroughly moist soil. Ideally, saucer magnolias should be grown in filtered sunlight, although full sunlight is tolerated if the soil is moist enough.

Japanese Pieris

Japanese pieris (Pieris japonica), also called Japanese Andromeda, is a small shrub that produces striking bell shaped flowers in a spectrum of pink and whites. Similar to Lily of the Valley in appearance, the flowers bloom in late winter and early spring. The buds of the shrub, which hang in clusters, are also quite attractive. The plant requires peat rich, acidic soil and full sun or partial shade. Mulching for the plant can be done easily with pine needles or leaves. The Japanese pieris is a popular ornamental plant that is native to Japan, Eastern China and Taiwan.

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