Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas

Fresh-cut blossoms are always nice, but usually not very long-lived. Try using some of your garden's bounty in dried flower arrangements for something a little different. Whether you air-dry, use a flower press, desiccants or other drying methods, always use blemish-free flowers. Collect containers and other possible holders for dried flowers so you have materials on hand when designing an arrangement. Useful tools for working with dried flowers include glue guns, floral foam, wire for wrapping stems and other items used in fresh-cut flower arranging.

Dried-Flower Garland

Make a romantic ribbon of dried flowers to encircle a small table for a party. Using heavy string, fabric ribbon or cord, wire small bouquets to the cord, overlapping the bundled stems to create a continuous flow of dried flowers. Use a selection of dried flowers such as sea lavender, statice, delphinium, strawflowers and marjoram. Use pins to fix the dried-flower garland around the edge of a small table covered with a tablecloth. Create a bow from coiled paper ribbon, if desired, and pin it to the garland through the tablecloth. This would make a lovely table decoration for a garden party.

Dried-Flower Tree

Dried-flower trees are quick and easy arrangements for tabletops and windowsills. Small dried flowers, such as statice, sea lavender and rosebuds, are inserted into dry foam spheres that are pushed onto twigs in floral foam and concealed in flower pots. Add moss to the pot to conceal the floral foam. Adorn the trees with ribbon, if desired, and use painted pots to coordinate with your décor or your party theme. Mini versions used at table settings make cute place holders for individuals. Place a few candied eggs inside the pots on top of the moss to create a pretty Easter treat. This idea is easy to adapt to small or large settings---just keep an eye on proportions.

Straw Hat Door Décor

A simple straw hat with a wide brim is the perfect starting point for a welcoming dried flower arrangement. Use thick wire to make a ring that fits around the body of a straw hat. Bend the ends together so they link, cover the ring with a section of ribbon, and attach it with thin floral wire. Choose dried flowers such as peonies, rose buds, lavender, dried leaves and seed pods to make small bouquets and bind them to the wire ring using floral wire. Bind them so each successive bundle conceals the stems of the one before it. When the ribbon and wire ring is decorated as desired, slide it over the body of the straw hat, and hang the hat on a door.

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