Designer Flower Arranging Ideas

Whether you grow your own flowers, buy them or have received a bouquet, simply sticking them in a handy vase with water looks hurried and amateurish. By arranging your flowers with a visually pleasing flow where there is a focal point and your flowers are color coordinated, you can make an arrangement that looks like it was done by a floral professional designer. It is not difficult when you first choose one of the eight basic flower arranging designs. Horizontal, triangular, and oval designs are typical of the traditional floral design style. To create a flower arrangement in the Oriental style, the web site Flower Arrangement Ideas advises you would select a vertical, crescent, lazy 'S' or the classic Oriental style of triangular design. A minimal or free standing floral design could be used, or any of the other designs, for your flower arrangement in a modern style.


Traditional flower arranging is sometimes referred to as Western style. The traditional arrangement you create will have the flowers compact and dense, with the only addition to the arrangement being the filler greenery. Your traditional arrangement should have a large number of blossoms, and generally contain only three or four varieties of flowers and colors. Roses, daisies, carnations and chrysanthemums are the most popular flowers for traditional arrangements. Traditional flower arrangements are stunning in the center of your dining room table or buffet, for altar arrangements at your church or any formal event.


Flower arranging first appeared in China, but soon the Japanese were embracing the concept. The basis for all Oriental flowering arrangements is the relationship of space, line and simplicity. The Japanese flower arrangement called Ikebana includes the spiritual relationship between heaven, man and earth. There are several schools, or styles, of Ikebana, but any Oriental arrangement you create must contain an odd number of flowers and elements in an asymmetrical design. The Flower Arrangement Advisor suggests you add twigs or branches in your Oriental flower arrangement to enhance the visual linear flow, open space and simplicity. Oriental flower arrangements are striking anywhere you place them in your home.


Modern flower arrangements have no hard and fast rules and allow you to let your creativity flow. The combination of traditional and Oriental flower arranging techniques are often seen in contemporary, modern flower arrangements. With modern arrangements you can use an array of colorful flowers and textures, add unusual elements, like branches and twigs, and design a more open arrangement than you would in a traditional style. Similar to Oriental styled flower arrangements, modern flower arrangements emphasize geometric lines in the design, and are quite elegant and dramatic.

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