African Shrub Types

With climates ranging from tropical to subarctic, Africa is host to tremendous biodiversity throughout its vast continent. The country encompasses a staggering range of landscapes, from arid deserts in the north to the lush tropical rain forests of the Congo. Africa contains numerous beautiful plant species, and many African shrubs can be cultivated for ornamental value throughout the world.

African Bush-Daisy

Native to South Africa, African bush-daisy (Gamolepis chrysanthemoid) is a small shrub that reaches a maximum size of about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide. The plant has jagged green leaves with solid yellow daisy flowers that bloom nearly year-round in tropical climates. For the best possible blooms, grow the African bush-daisy in full sunlight. Soil is negotiable--ideally, plant the shrub in an acidic or slightly alkaline soil.

False Roselle

False roselle (Hibiscus acetosella) is a frost-tender shrub native to Eastern and Central Africa that is similar in appearance to a Japanese maple, thanks to the shrub's crimson leaves. The plant produces stunning blooms in shades of light to dark pink. The leaves of the plant are often eaten raw in salads or cooked for a flavor similar to sorrel. False roselle will tolerate a variety of moist, well-drained soils, from sandy to loamy to clay, although the plant prefers a fertile, humus-rich soil. False roselle will produce the best blooms in full sun.

Cape Honeysuckle

Native to the Cape of Good Hope area in South Africa, Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis) is a vigorous shrub that has a vine-like appearance. The fast-growing shrub has evergreen foliage and produces clusters of tubular reddish-orange flowers that attract hummingbirds and orioles. The plant will grow in both acidic and alkaline soils and will even tolerate some salt if grown near the coast. Cape honeysuckle will thrive in full sun, though the plant can also tolerate filtered sun or light shade.

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