Container Garden Recipes

Containers are a great option for gardeners that have limited space. However, they can also be used to create inviting space, brighten a corner or create gardens that will last year round indoors. The key to successful container gardens includes well drained potting soil, adequate lighting and regular watering.

Herb Container Garden

According to the West Virginia University Extension you can create container herb gardens that will survive year round indoors. The website states that herb garden containers require sunlight and well drained potting soil to survive but with regular maintenance will produce for many seasons to come. Some common herbs that can be used in a variety of dishes as well as grow well together include basil, oregano and thyme. Both basil and oregano grow between 18 and 24 inches tall and can be placed together in the center of a circular container. Thyme is a low growing herb that will only reach about 6 to 10 inches tall and it can be placed around the other two herbs.

Butterfly Container Garden

Butterfly gardens provide much needed nectar to butterflies and bees. Container gardeners can get in on the action by creating colorful and fragrant containers that butterflies will enjoy as much as the gardener. Common butterfly plants include purple coneflower and yarrow. Both of these plants can grow quite tall. Group them together in a large barrel container. An alternative includes using smaller plants such as French marigold, petunias, asters or rock cress to create a butterfly feast. All of these flowers prefer well drained soil and full sun.

Fragrant Container Garden

Use fragrant plants in containers to create a welcoming invitation into any space. To create a fragrant garden in a container select one plant and create a mass grouping for a powerful scent. Or combine subtle fragrant flowers to create something unique and aesthetically interesting. Heliotrope, a tall flower with deep purple flowers, is a great option for a mass planting. This flower has a subtle smell similar to vanilla. It looks good in group plantings. For a mixed container try sweet peas, sweet alyssum and scented geraniums. Sweet peas are climbing plants and they should be located toward the back of a container with supports provided so they can climb toward a wall, rail or other building structure. Use the scented geranium as the focal point of the container and scatter sweet alyssum throughout as filler. These flowers need full to partial sun.

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