The Best Vegetables for Growing in Oregon

In the northwest, the rainy environment provides an ideal climate for vegetables, but they must be cold-weather tolerant. Oregon specifically is known as being a region where vegetables such as potatoes, onions and green beans can thrive. If you plant the appropriate variety of vegetable, however, almost any will do well in Oregon. When planting your vegetable garden, start with some of the most common and easiest-to-grow varieties for the Oregon area.


Onions are grown all over Oregon, but the most famous are the sweet bulb onions that thrive in the eastern regions. The onions here grow large and crispy. They need to be planted in fertile, well-drained, rich soil with a little added lime (to make the pH around 6.5). It's easiest for home gardeners to start with onion sets in spring. For yellow onions, try Frontier, Prince, Candy and New York Early. For red onions, try White Sweet Spanish or Superstar. For red onions, try sweet Redwing or Mars. Walla walla sweet onions are one of the low-maintenance varieties.


Oregon has been a potato producer since 1795, and became an industry in the late 1800s. Planted deep in the state's loamy, wet soil, more than 35,000 acres are harvested each year. When growing from seed, try Gilroy. For white potatoes, popular varieties in Oregon include Goldrush and Russet Burbank. Common yellow potatoes like Desiree, Yellow Finn and Yukon Gold are creamy and rich in texture and taste. Red, pink and purple potatoes also thrive in Oregon.

Green Beans

Although green beans are warm-weather legumes, they can still flourish in Oregon soil when it is at least 60 degrees F. They are grown on support trellises or as climbing ground vines; bush varieties cover large spaces, while pole beans are ideal for small spaces. The best bush bean varieties for Oregon include Jade, Oregon Trail, Slenderette and Tendercrop. Popular pole bean varieties include Blue Lake, Cascade Giant, Oregon Giant and Romano.

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