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Strawberries are fruits that are part of the Fragaria genus. It is a widely celebrated fruit that has many uses. The fruit can be consumed both raw and frozen, and can be used to make desserts, jams, jellies, wine, syrup and juice. Strawberries are nutritious and are a good source of both flavonoids and the essential nutrient vitamin C.


There are approximately 12 different species in the Fragaria genus. The genus originates in northern temperate regions, such as North American and Eurasia. It also extends to northern parts of Africa, into Central America and down to South America (such as Chile).


Strictly botanically speaking, strawberries are not really fruit, but instead pseudocarps (another example is the apple). Pseudocarps include components other than simply the ripened ovary. These are also known as accessory or false fruits.


There are approximately 200 different kinds of pests that are known to both indirectly and directly attack strawberries. Some of these pests are moths, slugs, fruit flies, strawberry root weevils, chafers, strawberry sap beetles, strawberry thrips, aphids, mites and strawberry crown moths.


Like almost any other fruit, strawberries occasionally can be afflicted by various diseases. Some possible diseases that could destroy strawberries include verticillium wilt, red stele, nematodes, black root rot, leaf spot, powdery mildew, leaf blight, rhizopus rot, gray mold, leather rot and certain types of slime molds. Many of these diseases occur due to severe temperatures encountered during the winter months.


There are many different cultivars of strawberries. Some popular varieties of strawberries include Itasca, Sallybright, Rhapsody, Mira, Sonata, Cassandra, Amelia, Quinault, Kent, Delmarvel, Bolero, Everest, Cabo, Midway, Brunswick, Evangeline, Jewel, Mohawk, Cavendish, Senga Sengana, Fenella and Fruitful Summer.

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