How to Build a Landscape Border


Landscape borders provide a nice, clean and defining edge between your garden beds and your lawn. They prevent grass from infiltrating your lawn and also prevent your garden's mulch or other ground cover from spilling into your yard. They typically are made of plastic and are easily installed using conventional garden tools.

Step 1

Lay out the pattern for your landscape border using garden hose or extension cords. These will allow you to create sweeping curves. Manipulate them until you create a border that works for your yard.

Step 2

Measure the height of your border. It should be 1/2 inch above the soil level.

Step 3

Dig a trench along the path you want your border to run. It needs to be as wide as the landscape border and 1/2 inch shallower than the height of the border.

Step 4

Lay the border into the trench and stake it down. Backfill the trench with soil and tamp it down to secure the border in place.

Tips and Warnings

  • Consult your local utility company before digging in your yard. Buried wires and pipes may need to be marked out before you dig.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose or extension cord
  • Landscape border edging
  • Stakes
  • Shovel
  • Flat spade


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Who Can Help

  • Master Gardener Black Trim Landscape Edging
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