Jade Plants & the Light Conditions


The jade plant is a tropical succulent that stores water in its trunk, branches and leaves. Jade plants are very sensitive to cold and won't do well with nighttime temperatures below 55 degrees F. They do best with a thorough soaking, followed by letting the soil dry out. Jade plants grow well in a variety of light conditions.

Full Sun

Your jade plant will do best in full sun. Jades growing in full sun can withstand greater extremes of temperatures than those growing in indirect light or partial sun. When keeping your jade next to a window in the winter, however, make sure you pull the drapes to keep unusually cold air from reaching the jade.

Artificial Light

Jades do well with supplementary artificial light, especially if grown inside and away from a window. A commercial grow light system will work well. However, according to the University of Colorado, creating a fixture that uses 70 percent, by wattage, cool white fluorescent bulbs and 30 percent incandescent can be very good for jade plants.

Effects of Partial Sun

Although your jade will do best in full sun, many jades can adapt well to partial sun. If you are growing your jade in partial sun, consider moving it into a bright window during the winter to allow for more light. However, in most cases, your plant will grow fine in partial sun and will simply not grow as quickly as a plant grown in more light.

Effects of Full Shade

Some jades can adapt to full shade if there is a nearby window that provides good indirect light. However, if you are growing a jade in an interior room that doesn't have good indirect light, use a grow light system to ensure that your jade gets enough light.

Growing Jade Outdoors

Jades can grow well outdoors. Like indoor plants, they do best in full sun but can tolerate partial sun well. Jades grow well in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11, and as such will only grow outdoors in southern Florida and southern California. If you have jades in colder climates, however, your plants will do very well if you move their pots outdoors to a bright, sunny location during the day. If your area has warm summers, you can leave your plants outdoors in bright sun for the entire summer.

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