Homemade Recipes for Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn takes care of your home. Having a lush, green spread of healthy grass makes your home look nice to passers-by and improves the perceived value as well. Though a well-kept lawn can give a homeowner a feeling of satisfaction, the process of getting that lawn is a necessary, but evil, chore to be put off as much as possible. Getting and keeping your lawn beautiful doesn't need to be time consuming, expensive, or a hassle. In fact, there are several easy homemade remedies you can use to keep your lawn looking beautiful year round.

Soaked Leaves

Fallen leaves are a natural resource of fertilizer for your lawn. Leaving them in place allows them to decompose naturally, while providing nutrition to the grass. If you feel having leaves all over the lawn is unsightl, you can still use them to fertilize the lawn. Collect some fallen leaves in a bucket or container, then fill the container a third full with water. Allow the leaves to soak in the water for about one week, then strain the water and add it to your lawn sprayer. Spray the entire yard with this mixture to give it a quick boost of healthy vitamins and minerals. Creating a leaf tea in this manner is similar to making compost for your lawn, but much less time and space are needed for it. The leaf tea is a fertilizer that helps your grass and plants grow larger, fuller leaves, and depending on the type of leaves you use the tea can improve pH levels and add nitrogen to the lawn soil.

Comfrey and Alfalfa

If you don't have leaves to soak, you can use comfrey and alfalfa instead. Both of these plants are naturally high in nitrogen and make excellent natural lawn food. Soak either or both in a bucket of water for about a week, then strain the liquid and spray it around the grass. Soaked comfrey has a strong smell, so if it's unpleasant to you then cover the bucket while it's soaking.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are two well-kept secrets to getting a beautiful lawn. Like leaves, comfrey or alfalfa, you can soak coffee and tea grounds then use the liquid, or you can simply water your grass and plants with diluted brewed coffee and tea. You can also mix the used grounds into the soil around your yard--the grounds themselves are a natural fertilizer that will also attract earthworms, which will work the soil into rich humus for you.

Dish Soap

Plain dish soap and even baby shampoo are other common ingredients in homemade recipes for lawn care. Mix a teaspoon of one or the other into a gallon of water, then spray this over your grass. The soap helps wash away dust and debris which allows the grass blades to absorb more sunlight. The results are almost immediate too: Giving your lawn a much deeper green, healthy color that lasts for weeks.

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