Daylilies in Ohio

Daylilies proliferate in Ohio, which is in USDA zones 5 and 6. The Buckeye State's climate is influenced by Canadian weather fronts that create cold winters. Many daylily cultivars are hardy up to zone 3. They grow quickly during Ohio's humid summers, bloom in several hues and thrive in many soil types.

Little Lassie

Little Lassie daylilies were hybridized in 1972. They feature lavender flowers with yellow centers that are 2 inches in diameter. The flowers bloom early in the summer and rebloom midway through the season. The plants grow up to 18 inches tall and thrive in dry conditions.

Christmas Is

This oddly named daylily has flower petals that are red on their outer edges and bright yellow at and near the center. These plants bloom in the middle of summer and tolerate areas that receive partial sun each day. The plants grow up to 26 inches tall in sandy soil that stays moist, but not wet.

Sombrero Way

Sombrero Way flowers are completely orange and bloom early in the summer. The plant grows best in full sun or partially shaded locations. Well-drained soil is necessary for these plants to thrive. They grow best in soil that is allowed to dry between watering. The flowers draw hummingbirds and butterflies, which drink the nectar. These daylilies grow up to 26 inches tall.

Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell flowers are pale pink with light green centers. The flowers are accentuated by a soft halo around the petals near the center. The plants grow up to 20 inches tall in locations that receive at least six hours of sun each day. The flowers are 6 inches wide, and they bloom in midsummer.

American Revolution

American Revolution daylilies feature dramatic, dark red flowers that are nearly black and have yellow centers. They grow best in areas that receive full sun. The plants reach up to 30 inches tall.

Brocaded Gown

The flowers on this variety are big and flouncy. Brocaded gown daylilies have creamy yellow flowers that reach 6 inches in diameter. The plants grow best in full sun and grow up to 26 inches tall. The flowers bloom early in the summer and then rebloom later in the season.

Little Grapette

This hybrid repeatedly blooms from midsummer into the fall. The flowers are bright purple with yellow throats.The plants grow up to a foot tall, making them a miniature variety. They prefer to grow in full or partial sun, sandy soil and dry conditions.

Siloam Baby Talk

Siloam baby talk is also a miniature variety that grows up to a foot tall. The flowers feature soft, pink-tinged petals with darker raspberry rings near their centers. The plants prefer growing in sandy, moist soil and in full or partial sun.

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