Vegetables That Thrive in Very Moist Soils

Many vegetable flourish in--and even require--very moist to wet soil, as they need excessive hydration and nutrients from water. These vegetables usually need lots of direct sun because of their high moisture level. If you have very wet soil from bad drainage or lots of rain, some common summer and fall plants that thrive in very moist soil include peppers, tomatoes and peas. These need watering every day, particularly when young seedlings.


Whether you are growing a rainbow of bell pepper colors or the hottest of the hot ghost chili, pepper plants love moist soils with good drainage. The plants can range from 1 to 4 feet tall and need warm temperatures and soil to thrive. Lots of moisture helps retain nutrients and keep the pepper plants healthy. An addition of fertilizer helps boost the growth and color of pepper plants.


Tomato plants come in hundreds of varieties, but they all have one thing in common. These plants love wet moist soil and direct full sun for a certain part of the day. Even if you are growing your tomatoes indoors, the soil needs to be consistently moist. Depending on your climate, tomatoes should be watered about every other day. It's important to fertilize tomatoes after watering every month during the growing season for the optimum harvest.


As a cool-weather vegetable, peas are quite versatile when it comes to planting conditions but they require lots of moisture in the soil. Whether it is sandy soil or heavy clay-compacted soil, peas can thrive. Peas come in dozens of varieties, from the popular green pea to the milder English pea. Water peas daily to keep the soil wet.

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