The Best Rose Flowers

There are so many roses available to gardeners, it can be hard to choose the right one. Examine your space to determine what type of rose is best for you, whether that be a standard rosebush or a climbing or trailing rose. Miniature roses are ideal for small spaces. Determine your reason for growing roses--the color, size and abundance of blooms or fragrance. All of these are factors in choosing the best rose flowers for your garden.


One of the best roses for fragrance is the hybrid tea rose named Aromatherapy. Growing between 4 and 5 feet tall, Aromatherapy is a shrub-like bush with highly fragrant, pink blossoms. Cold hardy from USDA zones 5 through 9, the Aromatherapy roses flower continually from midspring to midsummer. Reputed to be mildew and rust resistant, the Aromatherapy hybrid tea rose is slightly more susceptible to the disease known as black spot, according to the "Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses." Aromatherapy is a distinct rose, as most pink roses do not bear a heavy or heady scent. Aptly named, this is one of the best roses for those desiring a strongly scented rose that is beautiful on the bush and perfect for cutting.

Mr. Lincoln

The red hybrid tea rose Mr. Lincoln is considered by many to be the ultimate, classic red rose. Surviving in USDA zones 6 through 10, the Mr. Lincoln rose produces a multitude of flowers from late spring to late summer. Growing as tall as 8 feet, the blossoms of the Mr. Lincoln are a dark, velvety red with a tendency to turn purple when exposed to direct sunlight. Noted as being extremely fragrant in "Taylor's Guide to Roses," this is also one of the best rose flowers for a bright, true red. Blooms grow as large as 6 inches in diameter and sit atop long stems that are ideal for cutting. Named after president Abraham Lincoln, this rose was introduced in 1965 and has yet to go out of fashion with gardeners.

Autumn Splendor

The miniature rose named Autumn Splendor is a favorite among those cherishing heritage, or "old" roses. Under 4 feet in height, this yellow and orange blended flower is ideal for gardeners with little space to cultivate their roses. Hardy from USDA zone 5 to 10, this rose is ideal for beginning rose gardeners. The Autumn Splendor rose is considered extremely easy to grow and tolerant of more neglect than most rose flowers, according to "Miniature Roses: Their Care and Cultivation." No remarkable fragrance marks the multicolored blossoms, which appear almost continually from early spring until the first frost. The trademarked name is a nod to the variegated color of the roses, which brings to mind the brilliant colors of fall foliage.

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