Instructions for Growing Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo has become very popular in the home or office, as it requires little care and not much light. However, lucky bamboo is not bamboo at all but a plant called Dracaena sanderiana. According to feng shui, the plant is luckiest when you receive it as a gift. You can grow lucky bamboo in a couple of different ways, and you can even make it curly if you want. These inexpensive plants can last for years with little care and, according to feng shui, bring you good fortune.

Step 1

Place the plant in indirect light. If it's been in a low-light situation, move it into a brighter indirect light source a little at a time. It will survive in very low light but will not grow or put out new leaves.

Step 2

Change the water once a week if growing the plant in water. Use distilled water or rainwater, as Dracaena is very sensitive to chemicals in tap water. Keep an eye on the water level, and never let it go down past the halfway mark. How much water to use will depend on the size of your arrangement. If you've planted planted your lucky bamboo, water it to an inch in depth when the soil is dry. Soil with too much moisture will cause the roots to rot. Never allow the soil to completely dry out.

Step 3

Feed the plant with a liquid aquarium plant food every two months for soil grown plants and three months for water-grown plants. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the amount to use.

Step 4

To make the plant curly, pace it within a few inches of a window but not in direct sunlight, then manually turn the plant a quarter turn when you see the plant start to grow toward the light.

Things You'll Need

  • Distilled water
  • Aquarium plant food


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