How to Adjust a Mower Deck on a Murray Riding Lawn Mower


The best way to ensure that you get a clean, level cut on your lawn is to level the deck on your Murray riding mower. The deck adjustment on the Murray riding mower requires no tools. There are two knobs on each side of the mower deck that you use adjust to level the deck. The Murray mower also has a special position for the lift lever.

Step 1

Park the Murray riding mower on a flat, level surface and engage the brake. Take out the ignition key. Open the hood on your riding mower and pull the spark plug wire away from the spark plug.

Step 2

Pull the cover off the lower end of the lift lever track. (The cover keeps you from accidentally placing the mower deck in the adjustment position while operating the mower.)

Step 3

Move the lift lever all the way to the deck adjustment position until the lever locks into place. This will place the mower deck on the level surface.

Step 4

Locate the left and right adjuster knobs on the mower deck, toward the front of the deck connecting to the linkage. Turn each knob counterclockwise to loosen the knobs.

Step 5

Push down on each linkage and turn the adjusting knob clockwise to tighten the knobs to the linkages.

Step 6

Move the lift lever to a cutting height position and close the cover over the adjusting track position. Plug the spark plug wire over the spark plug and lower the hood.


  • Manuals Online: Murray Riding Mower Manual (PDF)
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